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SubTopic :: Prop won't spin???
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Nick Hosted
posted 07-11-2004 11:16 AM

Yesterday when I was on my way back to the front of our lake to put the boat on the trailer I was just gliding along at about 3/4 throttle in the middle of the lake when all of a sudden we came to a stop. The motor was still running good but the prop wouldn't spin. The motor is a 3.0. Crossing my fingers that it won't be anything big, but I have a bad feeling that I might be in for some trouble. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Lloyd Dille
posted 07-11-2004 1:06 PM

If its on i/o the same thing happend to me Last weekend When I got home I found that I had sheared all the splines in my engine coupler. it cost about $250 to replace it myself. hope this helps

Peter Higgins
posted 07-12-2004 2:16 PM

Nick, It sounds like the rubber bush in your propellor has started slipping - just happens sometimes and would need replacing. Try your spare prop and see if still have problem.

Billy Toups
posted 07-12-2004 6:22 PM

Nick, Sounds like one of two things. The one you would rather is the prop bushing which will cost less than $100 to replace at any prop shop. The other is the engine coupling. With a 3.0, if you're running Mercruiser, you have an Alpha drive which houses the water pump. If you spun the engine coupling you should have lost all or almost all of the cooling water. The coupling may be able to spin the pump and drive gears in neutral but slips when placed in gear. Reach to the back of the motor where your drive shaft comes in from the transom and goes into the engine coupling. If it's spun you should have some melted greasy black rubber in that area. Here's the bad part. I've been told by numerous mechanics that they rarely just go out. Usually the cause is engine misalignment. You might need to have the alignment checked but worse case (as it was in my boat) you could have a transom that is soft and rotting. Good luck and I hope you back on the water soon.

Nick Hosted
posted 07-14-2004 2:58 PM

Well, the prop looks good from what I can tell. With the motor off, prop off, and in gear, should I be able to spin the shaft that the prop goes on? When I spin it, it makes a clicking noise like it is trying to catch but isn't. I'm having my brother's friend over tonight that is one of the mechanics on the local Marina so I should get a little more info from him. I hope he can give me some good advice because he's leaving Saturday to go to a mechanic's school for a year and a half. I really hope that it's not rotting, that sure would ruin my summer fast. I guess I can just hope.

Brian Tober
posted 07-14-2004 10:03 PM

With the drive in fwd you can turn the prop clockwise and you will hear it click, but it should not turn counterclockwise. If you stand on the prop with your foot and try to force it counterclockwise and it turns, then the hub is bad or the coupler is bad.

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